Study Explanation

Chen 2017-01

Chen, et al., performed an SB screen to identify drivers of breast cancer. They performed the screen using both predisposed mice using a mutant beta-catenin under control of the keratin 5 promoter (K5-N57β-cat) and wild-type mice. The SB system consisted of Rosa26-LsL-SB11 and T2/Onc and was activated by K5-Cre. They analyzed transposon insertions in 34 mammary tumors from both predisposed and non-predisposed mice. CISs were identified by gaussian kernel convolution.

Data was extracted from Dataset S2. CISs identifying the same gene were combined, while CISs identifying two genes were duplicated. CIS coordinates were converted to GRCm38/mm10 using UCSC LiftOver. Official symbols were obtained using MGI Batch Query. Relative Rank was based on GKC Approximate p-value adjusted across genome. Genes were added to the Candidate Cancer Gene Database on March 14, 2017.