Study Explanation

Suarez-Cabrera 2017-01

Suarez-Cabrera, et al., performed an SB screen in mice to identify drivers of breast cancer on a heterozygous conditional p53 background (Trp53F2-10). The SB system consisted of T2/Onc2 and a K5-SB11 transgene. The heterozygous p53 allele was generated using a K5-Cre transgene. Transposon insertions were analyzed in 33 mammary gland tumors from 26 mice. The majority of tumors were classified as acinar carcionma or adenocarcinoma with fewer papillary carcinoma or cystadenocarcinoma. The majority of tumors were ER positive. CISs were identified by gCIS and had to present in at least three separate tumors.

Data was taken from Table 1. Gene symbols and gneomic coordinates for GRCm38/mm10 were obtained using MGI Batch Query. Relative Rank was based on number of tumors in each CIS. Genes were added to the Candidate Cancer Gene Database on March 14, 2017.