Study Explanation

Wu 2016-01

Wu, et al., performed an SB screen to identify genes driving development of neurofibromas. Their model used a desert hedgehog Cre (Dhh-Cre) to initiate transposition and loss of NF1 (NF1fl/fl) in Schwann cells. The SB system consisted of Rosa26-LsL-SB11 and T2/Onc transposons. Insertion sites from 49 neurofibromas were analyzed using Monte Carlo criteria for statistical significance.

Data was extracted from Figure 1A. Official symbols and genomic coordinates from GRCm38/mm10 were obtained from MGI batch query. Relative rank was based on number of Neurofibromas with an insertion. CIS coordinates were not published. Genes were added to the Candidate Cancer Gene Database on March 14, 2017.